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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: [OT] Russell Beattie on Java, PHP web development
Date Wed, 31 Mar 2004 17:24:22 GMT
Tony Collen wrote:

> Found this in my news aggregator today:
> He brings up a lot of interesting points... why do something "right" 
> if it's complex and hard to understand, when you can do something "the 
> wrong way" and get by with having code that works, but it's easy to 
> develop?
> <quote>
> Is there a name for this type of development? Solution-Oriented 
> Programming? Functional Development? Useful Coding? I mean, just 
> imagine how cool Java programming would become if this sort of thing 
> got as popular as that Pattern fad that came through not too long ago? 
> It'd be so fun!
> </quote>
> Does Cocoon fall into this type of solution, or do we spend too much 
> time "doing the right thing"? Russell has previously stated that he 
> thinks Cocoon is to complex, and requires too much work to get up to 
> speed.
> Flowscript definitely revolutionizes web development, I think we just 
> need to prove it to people that it's worth their time... the problem 
> is that if they have to learn all of the other stuff to go along with 
> it, they'll easily get turned off, and run back to PHP and The Old Way 
> Of Doing Things.

Quick answer (I'm late for going home).

Firstly, this has alway been Russell's motto, and, considering his 
statements on PHP, I have the impression he progressively goes down in 
the evolution tree of technologies.

Secondly, about Cocoon, I experienced the fact that CForms & FlowScript 
involve only a very limited subset of Cocoon features, and that people 
don't need to learn nor understand all of them to get started with a web 
applications. But after using this limited subset, they start using more 
and more features ;-)


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