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From Tony Collen <>
Subject [OT] Russell Beattie on Java, PHP web development
Date Wed, 31 Mar 2004 16:37:11 GMT
Found this in my news aggregator today:

He brings up a lot of interesting points... why do something "right" if it's complex and hard
understand, when you can do something "the wrong way" and get by with having code that works,
it's easy to develop?

Is there a name for this type of development? Solution-Oriented Programming? Functional Development?

Useful Coding? I mean, just imagine how cool Java programming would become if this sort of
thing got 
as popular as that Pattern fad that came through not too long ago? It'd be so fun!

Does Cocoon fall into this type of solution, or do we spend too much time "doing the right
Russell has previously stated that he thinks Cocoon is to complex, and requires too much work
to get 
up to speed.

Flowscript definitely revolutionizes web development, I think we just need to prove it to
that it's worth their time... the problem is that if they have to learn all of the other stuff
to go 
along with it, they'll easily get turned off, and run back to PHP and The Old Way Of Doing


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