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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: [cforms] Custom Binding.
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 22:24:49 GMT

Tim Larson wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 29, 2004 at 04:06:40PM +0200, Marc Portier wrote:
>>I recetly experienced the need for a nice and clean introduction of a 
>>custom binding class for the cforms.
>>The idea would be to have an all Java alternative to the flexibility one 
>>gets from the <fb:javascript> binding.
> <snip all the interesting stuff/>
> I hit a case where I wished I could use the javascript binding for a
> container widget (in this case a repeater) and then still be able to use
> the normal built-in java bindings for the contained widgets.  Could you
> consider this usecase in your custom java binding hook design?


I'm also writing up on the issue of repeater-binding as we speak...
The goal there is to write up a catalog of possible use cases for the 
repeater-binding, pls check if your use case is not covered there.

In more general terms I hear you ask for custom-bindings to hook back 
into predefined bindings, right

I'ld have to give that some more thought... proposals welcome of course...

maybe things could be so simple as requiring the @builder variant of the 
<fb:custom> have a factory-method that takes both the nested DOM-config 
and the 'Assistant'... hm, but that one is today a quite specific and 
jxpath-tight thing IIRC, would need to see if we could abstract that out 
in a sensible way

Marc Portier                  
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