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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Linotype
Date Sat, 27 Mar 2004 17:02:22 GMT
> Yes, I already did it. Now I just need to remove all the code dealing 
> with authentication from the flowscript. Do you see a problem with that? 
> I only see benefits:
> - less code to maintain
> - possibility of using different user repositories (file, JDBC, LDAP, 
> ...) via standard inderfaces
> - Single Sign-On

In general I agree but it makes the deployment more
complicated because the authentication differs from
container to container.

We would need to maintain examples for the different
containers... The login page might also need to
be different per container.

Hm... :-/ don't know

>>> 2. change the format of entries to something more standard, possibly 
>>> Atom;
>> Isn't that a question of the right stylesheet?
> You have to store items in some form or another, even if you can use 
> XSL-T to transform them to something else later. I'm proposing to use 
> something standard, again (Atom or RSS) instead of a made-up markup.

But wouldn't this limit us to the particular "features"/stuctur of that
markup. (Well, except using a different namespace) And what is the
benefit? We could save a transformation.

Hm... :-/ don't know

Sorry for coming across so negative ;)


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