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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: On blocks reload (Re: [RT] On building on stone)
Date Fri, 26 Mar 2004 18:22:46 GMT
>> That's ALL _IMVHO_, I don't know what others think, but we mustn't 
>> forget that our container needs to solve one very very very specific 
>> problem, the Cocoon problem...
> Hmm... Thought about it over some nicotine, and if people do really feel 
> strong about not loosing component instances "all of a sudden", I'd 
> rather go down the path the JVM uses: garbage collection.
> When a block is "reloaded" (because of an update of its classes, or a 
> change in its configuration), simply its instance remains available in 
> the container, but "inactive".
> All new lookups will happen on the new block instances, previously 
> acquired components will still work with the old block, no question 
> asked (never loose anything).
> And then to have a some sort of "Garbage Collector" which flushes out 
> all previously deployed block instances not having components instances 
> wired from other blocks.
> Only thing I can think about is that some block might never be garbage 
> collected because someone didn't release a wiring, but probably we can 
> "force" a manual disconnection (notify the admin who triggered the 
> reload, or something).

sounds great to me +1

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