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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [HEADS UP] - Kinds of block dependencies.
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2004 20:53:40 GMT
On 24.03.2004 21:47, Antonio Gallardo wrote:

>>There is no mention in that cocoon forms depends on
>>XSP. If XSP is excluded the cocoon forms samples won't run (due to
>>missing declaration of serverpages generator).
> Good point! Let's redefine dependencies by defining the kind of
> dependency. AFAIK, there are 2 kind of dependencies:
> 1-Component Level
> 2-Samples Level
> With (1) I think it is no way get rid of it, because it is an internal
> dependency (the block needs some services from other blocks to work
> properly).
> With (2) I disagree to "force" users to include a block in a build when
> the dependency is fully related to "samples of the block" that in
> production I will not use at all.
> That way I think we need to document the "kind" of dependency needed by
> the block.

This issue came up already yesterday:

I proposed to give the dependency a @type.


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