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From Unico Hommes <>
Subject Re: documentation about performance and efficiency and caching
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2004 12:21:54 GMT
David Crossley wrote:

>Corin Moss wrote:
>>I've just been through a several week excercise tuning
>>a fairly complex Cocoon implementation (for use by '000's
>>of concurrent users) I've picked up quite a lot of useful
>>snippets of info as I've delved into lots of different
>>areas of the code. I'd be happy to share these, if you'd
>>like to outline the steps you've taken, I'll reply with
>>other suggestions from my experience. I'm sure others will
>>do the same.
>I am going through the cocoon.xconf and making sure that the
>parameters and their descriptions do represent what is indicated
>in the code. I am also fine-tuning the core Cocoon documentation,
>starting with the concepts/mrustore.html, persistence.html, 
>caching.html, and storejanitor.html, and performancetips.html
>And i am cleaning the fluff from the Wiki page CocoonPerformance.
>If you have any patches for those core xdocs or for javadoc in
>the code, then please send them via Bugzilla and i will integrate.
>If you cannot manage that, then perhaps just dump your collection
>of notes as a Wiki page ...{{{ list of dot points }}} ... and we
>can glean stuff.
>Also i am considering adding a couple of docs to describe both
>small and large scale performance tuning scenarios.
Keep in mind that the caching system is currently in a state of flux 
given that we are trying to move away from Jisp. A lot of the 
alternatives manage the paging aspect that now involves the persistent 
store and store janitors themselves.

A related observation: I consider the current Jisp version unuseable for 
any production site. The problem outlined here is very serious 
and has forced me to use the EHCache store for some of our clients 
instead (The only useable alternative besides perhaps JCS (haven't tried 
to use it yet) ATM).


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