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From Gianugo Rabellino <>
Subject Re: JXTG weirdo
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 21:53:39 GMT
Bruno Dumon wrote:
>>Yup, problem is that you can't generate a form definition this way, 
>>since the woody.js call expects a pipeline (as in new 
>>Form("something")), and doesn't accept a bizData object. Too bad.
> With some additions I did today, this is now possible. More
> specifically, a form can now be created by passing a DOM-tree containing
> the XML form definition, instead of a source.
> An example:
> var pipelineUtil = cocoon.createObject(;
> var formDocument = pipelineUtil.processToDOM("myFormPipe", {"myData": myData});
> var form = new Form(formDocument.getDocumentElement());
> Note that in this case the form definition won't be cached, but that
> wouldn't be the case anyhow if you're using a non-cacheable pipeline.
> Note that since otherwise Woody parses the form definition also to a DOM
> tree, this way of working doesn't give any additional overhead (in fact,
> it saves you from a reparse of the XML).

That is definitely going to be useful. Thanks a lot Bruno!

> To come back to what you mentioned in your first mail:
>>Today I got stuck using JXTG in what I thought would have been a quite
>>common use case. I have to generate a cforms definition file (a 
>>selection list, actually) which is dynamically built from a bean that 
>>returns a Map.
> If you only need to generate the selection list dynamically, I wouldn't
> generate the complete form definition dynamically. There are various
> alternatives (src attribute on fd:selection-list, flowjxpath selection
> list, etc.).

Well, I just couldn't find a way with my (quite tangled) use case. All I 
had was an object and no way to xmlize it easily without JXTG, since 
such object lived (was instantiated) inside the flow. Eventually we 
found a workaround which resembles yours, but still I don't think that 
my situation was that much unusual...


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