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From Michael Wechner <>
Subject Re: Response to workflow
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2004 23:19:09 GMT
Johan Stuyts wrote:

> I view choosing for Lenya workflow as choosing to build/use a 
> Cocoon-independent solution (with an adapter to make it accessible in 
> Cocoon) instead of building a solution using Cocoon-specific 
> technology. There are a number of existing implementations which can 
> be used as a starting point for a Cocoon-independent solution. I feel 
> other implementations are more mature than Lenya workflow and will be 
> a better choice to use as a starting point. I think OSWorkflow is a 
> good option, but jBpm looks very promising (I suggest to give the demo 
> a try). Both these technologies are license-compatible with Cocoon.

yes, from a license point of view the choice seems to come down to


Maybe we should try to characterize the differences and similarities within
the Wiki in order to get a better picture (at least I need to do this 
for myself ;-)

Makes sense?


>> +1 to start with Lenya workflow.
>> Guido
>> (How long until Andreas returns from vacation? :-)
>>> Michi

Michael Wechner
Wyona Inc.  -   Open Source Content Management   -   Apache Lenya                  

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