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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: forms vs form in woody rename
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2004 20:34:35 GMT
On 17.03.2004 19:01, Bruno Dumon wrote:

>>>I'm wondering if there is some logic behind why, while most of the time
>>>woody has been renamed to "forms", sometimes it got renamed to just
>>>For example:
>>>* FormTemplateTransformer instead of FormsTemplateTransformer
>>>* "form" for the i18n catalogue name instead of "forms"
>>>I find this rather confusing.
>>It was me and it was by intention. For me names like FormsMessages or
>>FormsGenerator sounded strange. Furthermore after the renaming of all occurences
>>of Woody to Forms we had inconsistences at that places where we had already Form
>>in the woody block, e.g. FormContext, FormManager vs. FormsGenerator and so on
>>(an extreme example was MakeFormAction vs. AbstractFormsAction).
> I find MakeFormAction vs AbstractFormsAction perfectly logical. The
> first one makes a Form instance, while the second one is the base action
> for actions related to the "Forms" project.

I see your point abstract vs. instance.

> If there is any confusion,
> it is caused by naming a project about forms just Forms.

Indeed this is the cause, but it was voted on. For better "feeling" of 
the names I changed them from abstract to instance names. "Forms" is 
just bad as abstract term.

> (updating the
> documentation will be even harder: instead of talking about a Woody Form
> object, we'll now have to talk about a Forms Form object)

I had this problem already when reviewing JavaDoc.

> In my logic, this is wrong, because the project is called "Forms", and
> things like the FormsMessages are about the whole of Forms, not just
> about a Form. (if this sentence is confusing, try substituting Forms by
> Woody)

Of course this works with Woody as Woody is good as an abstract term, 
but not "Forms".

> For me, the word Form refers to a form instance object.

Me too.

So what to do?


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