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From Unico Hommes <>
Subject Re: WebDAV status in cocoon
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2004 19:09:04 GMT

Yep that is what I got too this afternoon. And I think it is related to 
a recent change in the way cocoon redirects are handled (see other 
thread about cocoon.sendPage is broken). You can work around it by 
setting all the pipelines to internal-only="false" but this will also 
disable authorisation.


roy huang wrote on 17-3-2004 19:56:

> I ever tried the slide example but when I login I see blank in web browser.I check it
tonight but the same.
> If I refresh with url http://localhost:8888/samples/slide/content, jetty console print:
> 02:52:09.769 WARN!! Error for /samples/slide/content/
> java.lang.StackOverflowError
> but in slide.log,It seems everything's fine.
> jdk is 1.4.2_03
> win2000 pro
> Roy Huang
> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: "Unico Hommes" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Thursday, March 18, 2004 1:44 AM
> Subject: Re: WebDAV status in cocoon
>>Jean Pierre LeJacq wrote on 17-3-2004 15:54:
>>>On Wed, 17 Mar 2004, Unico Hommes wrote:
>>>>Jean Pierre LeJacq wrote on 17-3-2004 15:26:
>>>>>client.  In particular, I simply wasn't able to get Windows XP
>>>>>to work with slide which, unfortunately, was a must for me.
>>>>There are known issues on with windows webfolders but this is not
>>>>due to Slide.
>>>Agreed.  However, lack of interoperability significantly limits the
>>>possible use of slide.  It would be useful if slide could accomodate
>>>the shortcomings of the windows webdav implementation.
>>>>>I simply couldn't get the cocoon slide block to work.
>>>>Could you give more details as to what went wrong? Did the samples
>>>>not work?
>>>It compiled fine.  I could upload and download files.  I could
>>>create collections and navigate through them.  I could not
>>>view any of the files (error:  Could not display content)
>>OK, this functionality is dubious. The Slide samples are a 
>>administration application for Slide. Creating and displaying files and 
>>collections is better done via WebDAV. That said, I see there was a 
>>problem with displaying content. It's fixed now for common file types 
>>such as plain text and xml.
>>>or figure
>>>out a way of downloading them. 
>>There is a README in the slide block that tells you how to configure the 
>>  Slide WebDAV servlet. It is really easy, just uncomment the Slide 
>>servlet in web.xml and access the slide repository via 
>>http://localhost:8888/webdav/ (note there is a problem with the html 
>>directory listing not resolving the path links but this is a minor issue 
>>that has been solved recently in Slide CVS IIRC).
>> > I could not establish a lock (error:
>> > null pointer exception).
>>Adding a lock involves choosing a correct subject (such as /users/john) 
>>and a certain lock type (such as /actions/write). The form in admin app 
>>for these had text fields for these. Putting a wrong value for any of 
>>these results in an NPE. I've changed these two text fields to selection 
>>lists so it is more obvious what the intended field values are.
>>Note that while testing all this I ran into a problem with the flow in 
>>the current CVS (see other thread). This means that currently the Slide 
>>samples are broken (and probably a lot more) so I would suggest waiting 
>>with trying to update until this is fixed (if anyone was planning to do 
>>of course).

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