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From Unico Hommes <>
Subject Re: WebDAV status in cocoon
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2004 13:19:29 GMT

Ugo Cei wrote on 17-3-2004 14:14:

> Unico Hommes wrote:
>> I was thinking specifically regarding the choice between Cocoon and 
>> Slide as a WebDAV server, but I think Slide is the better choice over 
>> mod_dav/catacomb as well. Simply because it supports more WebDAV 
>> (DACL, Binding) in a more flexible way. It has an interception 
>> mechanism which I currently use to publish cache invalidation events 
>> to a JMS topic with. It has a pluggable storage system that allows you 
>> to plugin a custom store. There is a lively community actively 
>> implementing the latest WebDAV specifications.
> Thank you. I had fought with the installation of Slide 2.0beta1 and, 
> apart from the problem with MacOSX, the installation docs didn't seem to 
> be either clear or updated, so I decided to try mod_dav, which proved to 
> be a more pleasant experience, since it worked right out of the box 
> (these days I tend to disregard products that don't work at the first 
> try). But after hearing this, I'll give Slide another try.

:-) If you build Cocoon with the Slide block included there is an easy 
way to get Slide WebDAV server running. It should be as easy as 
uncommenting the slide servlet in web.xml. By default the servlet is 
then mapped to http://localhost:8888/webdav/ . The slide configuration 
can be changed by editing WEB-INF/slide.xconf .


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