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From Unico Hommes <>
Subject Re: WebDAV status in cocoon
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2004 13:01:10 GMT

Ugo Cei wrote on 17-3-2004 13:42:

> Unico Hommes wrote:
>> Johann Romefort wrote on 17-3-2004 12:04:
>>> I m about to choose a WebDAV server in the next days, because of 
>>> strong needs in ACL / Versionning/ Locking
>>> on document. So here is my question : what is the current status of 
>>> WebDAV in Cocoon? Also what is the status
>>> of the Slide integration?
>> When choosing a WebDAV server by far Slide is your best bet. The 
>> davmap samples in Cocoon are working pretty well but nothing like 
>> versioning, acl and locking is in the planning AFAIK.
> Can you please elaborate on why Slide is the best choice, especially 
> with respect to Apache 2.0? I'd like to use Slide but at present it does 
> not interoperate well with the Finder of MacOSX, while Apache does.

I was thinking specifically regarding the choice between Cocoon and 
Slide as a WebDAV server, but I think Slide is the better choice over 
mod_dav/catacomb as well. Simply because it supports more WebDAV (DACL, 
Binding) in a more flexible way. It has an interception mechanism which 
I currently use to publish cache invalidation events to a JMS topic 
with. It has a pluggable storage system that allows you to plugin a 
custom store. There is a lively community actively implementing the 
latest WebDAV specifications.


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