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From Unico Hommes <>
Subject Re: WebDAV status in cocoon
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2004 12:28:15 GMT

Johann Romefort wrote on 17-3-2004 12:04:
> Hi,
> I m about to choose a WebDAV server in the next days, because of strong 
> needs in ACL / Versionning/ Locking
> on document. So here is my question : what is the current status of 
> WebDAV in Cocoon? Also what is the status
> of the Slide integration?

When choosing a WebDAV server by far Slide is your best bet. The davmap 
samples in Cocoon are working pretty well but nothing like versioning, 
acl and locking is in the planning AFAIK.

As far as Slide integration in Cocoon goes there are two options. Run 
Slide separate from Cocoon and access it over WebDAV (the architecture I 
am currently using for a couple of clients in production) or in-process 
with Cocoon and access it via the special SlideSource and directly on 
the Slide API. The Slide samples use this approach.


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