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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 27600] - syntax for unique rows in repeater binding
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2004 19:51:27 GMT
On 15.03.2004 17:57, wrote:

> syntax for unique rows in repeater binding
> ------- Additional Comments From  2004-03-15 16:57 -------
> More and more I doubt that this might be the way to go, chasing any kind of
> xml-file though the XSLT processor  to update some minor syntax changes in
> repeater binding. I bet there only few users need do update only a few files. I
> think it's not worth the risk. I'm quite sure there are still more uncoverd
> issues in connection to the XSLT processing of unpredictable user files. While
> we don't have a solution, I think we should disable the automatic update feature.

Ok, asking the list: in which way shall we handle the update in the 
repeater syntax? The problem is that through an XSLT process the DOCTYPE 
must get lost, no chance to save it. I don't find it that problematic as 
no Woody file does have a DTD, but of course users can have added their 
own ones.

a) Ignore the problems (removal of DOCTYPE).

b) Point out the possible problem before asking the user for the 
src.dir. The user will probably have to start the update process 
multiple times for specifying deeper directory hierarchies to avoid 
touching unrelated files (or we provide a loop).

c) Let him specify a binding.dir or patternset explicitely (binding 
files are the only files that must be processed by an XSLT at the moment).

d) Do not handle the syntax change automatically at all.

I prefer c), but this could still lead to removal of DOCTYPEs.


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