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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Using Maven (or something similar) for dependencies? (Was: Co coon's Rhino+continuations fork)
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2004 19:26:10 GMT
> Lets take this to the extreme.  Pretend that Rhino was a GPL license.  Sure
> I could download Rhino and get a running Cocoon.  But I could never sell a
> product based on Cocoon unless I make my customers also download Rhino (and
> I'm not sure even that would be legal).  Since so many parts of Cocoon want
> to leverage Flow these days this would make the situation impossible.   

Well, since you put it to the extreme - you got a point

> And although Rhino isn't GPL, from what I read of the Mozilla license it
> also has the requirement that anything that it is packaged with must also be
> under the Mozilla license, which makes it just as bad as the GPL from a
> commercial standpoint.

I guess the problem is that "packaging with" is a bit blurry.

What are we talking about? What a about a RH CD which
comes with Mozilla, which is under MPL. Does all packages
on the CD have to be under MPL?

I personally don't think downloading-on-demand is
really that bad at all. (If done nicely!) But let's wait
what the board comes up with. It may or may not expose
this discussion being a waste of time ;)

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