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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: cocoon-2.1 status.xml
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2004 18:35:50 GMT
Vadim wrote:

 >> Hello Vadim,
 >> as I can not reply to your mail (gmane does not list those mails
 >> replying to a mail on cvs@c.a.o) I answer with an extra mail for now:

Now moving it back to list.

 >>>>  +  <!-- important note: the row-path is used inside
 >>>> jxpath-createPath context,
 >>>>  +       as a consequence it cannot have dependent children or
 >>>> predicates -->
 >>> Why did you change that? Currently in my application I have:
 >>>     row-path="member[position() < 3]"
 >>>     row-path=".[member/gender = 'female']"
 >>>     row-path=".[count(../member) > 1]"
 >>>     row-path="member[id != $id]"
 >>> and list goes on. With your change, this app won't work anymore. So
 >>> what do I do in this position?
 >> Are you refering directly to the comment? I did not add it, I just
 >> moved it around.
 > Ok, can you at least tell me whether above example row-paths will work
 > with this new CForms or not?

AFAIU/K it's a limitation of JXPath and has nothing to do with 
Woody/CForms. This should mean if it works til now it will work in 
future. Maybe you have provided an additional @row-path-insert?

I also found this issue when reading the threads about repeater 
bindings, but don't no more which and who exactly:

Maybe Marc can tell us more about it. And maybe you can just test the 
upgrade task and test it with cforms :) I will add a stylesheet for the 
changed syntax to it too.


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