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From Steve Krulewitz <>
Subject Re: [Vote] Moving XSP into its own block
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2004 15:59:46 GMT
> Please note that currently jxtransformer/generator is not up to speed in 
> non-flow environment. It has to be extended / completed first in order 
> to be xsp replacement.

Yes, this is certainly needed to help the jxtransformer/generator 
conquer XSP.  I am currently using the JXTemplateGenerator to try to 
replace XSP, but to allow the JXTemplateGenerator to access values from 
the action, I do:

Map bean = new HashMap();
bean.put("at", at);
FlowHelper.setContextObject(objectModel, bean);

In the action.  I think i might be able to pass this as a parameter to 
the JXTemplateGenerator, but this way seems cleaner.

Is there a way to access this object from the JXTemplateGenerator if I 
just return it as the method's return?


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