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From Reinhard Pötz <>
Subject Javascript in Woody in Coplets
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2004 10:52:35 GMT
Nacho Jimenez wrote:

> Jan Hoskens wrote:
>> I'm not sure you mean this, but I'll give it anyway:
>> If you're using woody and thus the woody stylesheet, there are several
>> javascripts that are added (eg the popup window). These javascripts 
>> are to
>> be added in your html header and thus the woody stylesheet looks for 
>> that
>> tag <html><header/>.. to put the script tags there and more. (there 
>> might
>> also be some div function as for the calendar popup that needs to be 
>> in boy
>> tag, same there) If your woody page is included in another page or 
>> you don't
>> have the html tags yet, those script inclusions may be skipped. Look for
>> these includes in the woody stylesheet and make sure you have them in 
>> your
>> result html.
>>> Since i put my Woody forms in portal coplets, i discovered the
>>> Javascripts included in my forms are not processed. Example: this is 
>>> the
>>> case of the showPopup for the Woody wi:help or javascript on
>>> <wd:on-value-changed> used in selection-lists (carselector sample).
>>> PS : endProcessing method should be ok, but my javascript is not
>>> runned..
> I've been working on this also... The woody stylesheets that come with 
> cocoon 2.1.4 (woody) and 2.1.5snapshots (forms)  seem to take for 
> granted that woody displays pages as a whole, and believe there's 
> gonna be <head> and <body> tags, and use them for insertion of several 
> elements (scripts, CSSs in the head tag and cocoon_onload() action on 
> the body tag).
>    I use woody to create parts of my pages for later inclusion in a 
> page (think of home made copletoids), so i had to work arround the 
> problem. I put a <woodyform><head/><body>....</body></woodyform>

> arround all my woody templates and then clean up the pipeline before 
> serializing it to HTML, using a woody-cleanup.xsl for stripping those 
> tags and putting the content where appropiate. It's really disgusting, 
> but it works, and I'm in a real hurry with this project..
>    I hope someone developing woody (or forms, the name has changed in 
> the CVS) thinks about this "not whole pages" matter for future 
> releases. Cocoon is so modular that's you can use it in zillion of 
> ways, and taking for granted a head & body tags seems to me a step in 
> the wrong direction.
>    Greeting to all,
>       Nacho.

Thanks guy's for spotting this. I'm going to file a Bugzilla entry 
because this has to be solved until CcooonForms reaches 1.0.


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