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From Stephen McConnell <>
Subject ECM facility
Date Tue, 09 Mar 2004 01:20:29 GMT

I've just committed some content into the merlin/facility directory 
dealing with a pull-based service finder implementation.  This commit is 
dealing with two things:

   (a) an example of the addition of a semantic extension to
       merlin without modification or extension to the container
       through the definition of a "finder" facility - the facility
       specifically address dynamic pull-based service activation
       (as per ECM and Fortress)

   (b) an experimental implementation of a ECM component - in
       particular a component that exposes the ServiceManager as
       its service interface

         - configurable with an ECM config file
         - dependent on a finder service
         - dependent on a RoleManager

       this RoleManager encapsulates the construction of a formal
       meta model implied by the ECM object model - in particular,
       the definition of the Role and Hint immutable data types

I've also put in place a test framework that will enable the testing and 
validation of a client invoking runtime requests for services backed by 
standard components (full meta-descriptors), together with ECM style 

I'm not at the point where I need to start dealing with service requires 
- and that means putting some content into some of the ecm component 
service methods - but more importantly - code dealing with the 
transformation of an ECM lookup argument into something that makes sense 
to the finder service is where the real ECM semantics will be captured.

The code is committed under:


This is composed of the following sub projects:

    * api  - definition of a Finder service interface
    * impl - definition of a default finder implementation
             that dynamically resolves services using
    * ecm  - skeleton implementation of an ECM service provider
             that deals with pure ECM role files and related
             configuration content
    * test - an initial test framework

At this point any help (code, tests, opinions, etc.) would be *very* 
much appreciated.

Cheers, Steve.

p.s. content is very initial
scope and potential for change is wide open


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