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From Unico Hommes <>
Subject Re: regarding JCS usage...
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2004 21:23:11 GMT

Corin Moss wrote:

> Hi,
> I agree that this is bad news.
> Before a decision is made one way or another, it might be a good idea to
> agree on minimal functionality required of a store.  I'm not overly in
> favour of a true light-weight cache like EHCache being the only
> supported caching mechanism.  In my usage of JCS I intend to utilise the
> distributed caching functionality, and see that this is a really big
> plus of JCS. 

Minimal functionality for a store is pretty much that most of the 
methods are implemented and working (there may be some exceptions such 
as free() method). I don't think we need to exclude anything beyond that 

> Perhaps we need to investigate having several options for caching which
> are actively supported?  This would allow users like myself who have
> Cocoon spread over multiple servers to use the advanced functionality of
> the distributed cache.  Perhaps something light-weight like EHCache or
> similar could be used by default? Provided of course, that both can be
> actively supported ;)

Sure, this is no problem. I mean we won't to throw out JCS integration 
again :-). Just a matter of what we ship as our default.

> Would it be worth polling the users and dev lists to get something of a
> "wish-list" for store functionality?

Dunno. If you think it will be useful.


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