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From Reinhard Pötz <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Rename Rhino-with-continuations packages
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2004 08:13:19 GMT
Antonio Gallardo wrote:

>Christopher Oliver dijo:
>>In order to allow the use of Flowscript on the BEA Weblogic and IBM
>>Websphere application servers (and possibly in other environments) I
>>propose that we rename the Rhino packages from org.mozilla to
>>org.cocoondev. The Rhino codebase used in Cocoon is currently hosted on
>>The standard Rhino core in the CVS has been completely
>>rewritten since I added the interpreter that supports continuations.
>>Therefore it is impossible to move support for continuations to that
>>codebase in the short term. However, even if that were possible it would
>>not solve the problem of using Flowscript on Weblogic and Websphere,
>>because each contains its own forked or old version of Rhino which is
>>exposed to the class loader used by Cocoon.
>>Here is my +1.
>Hi Christopher:
>This mean another "official" forking of the Rhino engine. 
We *use* a forked version and we agreed on this. Suppose that someone 
merges Chris' extensions back into core Rhino. Even this wouldn't solve 
the namespace problems because believe me, it will take some time until 
IBM, BEA, ... will use the latest version of Rhino.

>That also mean
>users of BEA and IBM AS will have 2 flowscript engine there, right? 

>current deployed with org.mozilla.* and our one org.cocoondev.*
>This can be easily traduced in more memory usage, etc. Is this correct?
could be but ATM they *can't* use Flowscript at all because you have two 
versions of Rhino which are within the same namespace.

>Currently, I am -0 because of these concerns.
>Best Regards,
>Antonio Gallardo


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