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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: Turning off default MRU store
Date Sun, 07 Mar 2004 17:59:15 GMT
Antonio Gallardo wrote:

>Geoff Howard dijo:
>>Ok, I think this bears bringing this issue up in a new thread (so people
>>notice it).  The point I take out of this is that JCS makes it explicit
>>that successful persistence is not currently guaranteed (at least in the
>>default better-performing configuration).  For all we know, this may
>>have been the case with JISP too but just not explicit.  I don't know if
>>people have used our Cache as a persistence layer for application data.
>>I would not have recommended it before, and definitely would not now if
>>we go to JCS.  I'm comfortable with this.
>BTW, OJB can uses JCS too:

This is exactly the reason this point needs to be clear.  Knowing that 
peristence is not guaranteed in all circumstances, I would not want 
anyone using our upcoming JCS Cache for persistence of critical 
application data without being clearly aware of the risks in the case of 
abnormal shutdown.


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