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From Unico Hommes <>
Subject Re: Turning off default MRU store
Date Sat, 06 Mar 2004 14:51:56 GMT

Geoff Howard wrote:
> Corin Moss wrote:


>> At shutdown, things can be configured to store to disk (both store, and
>> index.)  The only issue is that in the event of an abnormal shutdown the
>> index can be lost (this is only when the index is kept in memory of
>> course - other store types which use pure disk based index storage
>> wouldn't be effected by this.)
>> -- 
> Ok, on second thought if this is limited to abnormal shutdown this 
> should be OK at least for our use with cached pipelines.  I don't really 
> know firsthand the other uses of the Cache.  If they are OK with no 
> guarantee of persistence, then I think we're set.

I agree with this. I am under the impression that this is no different 
from the behavior we have with JISP.


>> CM: Yes.  Again, this could either be written to the default store,
>> which would go to MRU, and then disk at shutdown, _or_ a different group
>> / region could be created and configured which would go straight to
>> disk, without an in-memory MRU involved.
>> -- 
> I think this particular case works better going to the default store.  
> It's a very minor use (one object, and only at shutdown) and so not 
> worth a different cache entirely.

Agreed as well. This one should perhaps better use the default store anyway.


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