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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Momento and Cocoon
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2004 17:34:31 GMT
Alan wrote:

> * Stefano Mazzocchi <> [2004-03-02 14:04]:
>>Alan wrote:
>>>* Stefano Mazzocchi <> [2004-03-02 06:07]:
>>>>I need a fast and scalable xquery-capable semi-structured content 
>>>>Can momento provide me that?
>>>   It could. If I were to release it open source. That's the point.
>>>   That's why I'm engaging people on this list.
>>It could seems like a pretty big overestimation without reasonable 
>>technological backup.
>>At least three research groups spent 10 years and millions of dollars 
>>trying to build an equivalent system. One of them died (Lore) [but the 
>>source code disappeared so I suspect some big DBMS vendor bought the 
>>thing], the other went commercial [Xyleme], the other is still 
>>researching [the people at Bell Labs]
> What about Berkeley XML-DB? 

doesn't support xquery, its license is incompatible with the ours, it 
doesn't scale on multiple machines and the java API is pathetic.

> It seems to be a popular open source database. There is also dbXML, which is now GPL.
What about
>     Xindice?

doesn't support xquery, hasn't been tested in heavy duty environments,

>     I'm not sure what you are expecting. Momento is XQuery capable
>     and the content is semi-structured. That took a couple months,
>     but nothing like a million dollars.
>     Fast and scalable? Sure. Why not? If there was a design flaw
>     that would prevent concurrent queries or updates, I'm sure it
>     would have surfaced by now.

Hmmm, how much data did you have in there?

>>Don't get me wrong: I know the power of open source and I know that you 
>>need to start somewhere, that's why I'm asking.
> Yes. You need to start somewhere.  


>     I'm starting out with the organization of the document into
>     clusters based on application requirements.

Like xindice collections?

>     Michael Kay and I are discussing how to add a simple identity
>     key for use with the id attribute and the key element in XSLT.
>     I'm not going to start with benchmark peformance tests.

Good, if you need tons of xml to test the system let me know.

>>What I don't understand is how you can use Saxon as a fast and scalable 
>>database since it wasn't designed to do so.
> I am using Saxon as a query engine. Momento is a document object model.
>     Again, I'm not sure what you are expecting. I'm trying not to
>     get you wrong.

I need an xml database with xquery capabilities to place as a slide 
store for when it will implement JCR.

Xindice is currently my candidate for that, but I'm always open for 
potential alternatives.


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