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From Unico Hommes <>
Subject Re: Event caching and CachedSource
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2004 16:25:57 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

>Unico Hommes wrote:
>>Hi gang :-)
>>A drawback I have been running into lately with eventcache 
>>mechanism is that it lacks the ability to remove heavy 
>>processing from the critical path. An event will simply 
>>remove a set of cached pipelines from the cache completely. 
>>Making the subsequent request for such a pipeline potentialy 
>>very slow. In applications where isolation is not a 
>>requirement this is an unnecessary drawback.
>>I am looking at the excellent CachedSource stuff that is in 
>>the scratchpad area ATM and am wondering how it fits together 
>>with the eventcache stuff. One thing I am looking into right 
>>now is to write an EventAware Refresher implementation.
>>For those unfamiliar with CachedSource, it is a Source 
>>wrapper that can cache a its delegate. Refreshing can be done 
>>either synchronously or asynchronously but currently only 
>>based upon a specified time-out. What I'd like to do is 
>>generalize this a bit in order to add the ability to 
>>externally trigger invalidation.
>>For this however I think a modification to the Refresher 
>>interface is needed.
>>Instead of:
>>Refresher {
>>  refresh(key,uri,timeout);
>>  periodicallyRefresh(key,uri,timeout);
>>I'd like to remove timeout semantics from the interface:
>>Refresher {
>>  refresh(key,uri,params);
>>I don't think there is currently a reason for there being two 
>>the separate methods. So I think we can safely combine them 
>>into one. But I guess I am looking at Carsten for confirmation... :-)
>Although you actually don't need my confirmation as it's not my
>but *our* source, here it is :)
>I think this makes sense and I think we should also move this
>out of the scratchpad afterwards as well.

I'd also like to change the protocol URL a little bit. Since the timeout 
parameter will only be applicable to the delay refresher implementation 
and not to the event aware one I think it would be better to specify it 
with a query parameter instead.

Current syntax: cache://60@main@
Proposed syntax: 

The protocol:subprotocol syntax is also more in line with well 
established conventions such as in jdbc for instance.

Let me know if you have any objections or comments.


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