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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: Event caching and CachedSource
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2004 13:39:22 GMT
Unico Hommes wrote:

> Geoff Howard wrote:
>> Unico Hommes wrote:
>>> Hi gang :-)
>>> A drawback I have been running into lately with eventcache mechanism 
>>> is that it lacks the ability to remove heavy processing from the 
>>> critical path. An event will simply remove a set of cached pipelines 
>>> from the cache completely. Making the subsequent request for such a 
>>> pipeline potentialy very slow. In applications where isolation is 
>>> not a requirement this is an unnecessary drawback.
>> Below sounds interesting and good but I haven't understood how event 
>> cache is related.  AFAICS the only difference with eventcache and the 
>> other validity types is that for the others an invalid response is 
>> found in cache, but not used because it is found invalid after 
>> retrieval, but the event cache removes the entry at invalidation time 
>> since it knows it will never be useful.  Both cases mean that the 
>> next person to request that resource will have to wait for the full 
>> generation.  Maybe because I've only glanced at the refresher stuff?
> I guess you are right that at the Cache level nothing really changes. 
> I overlooked that fact. I will do some more research on what is 
> required to accomplish that in the case of the Refresher, but my idea 
> was that the cached response would be served until a newly generated 
> one could replace the stale one. Since the Refresher talks to the 
> Cache directly, given the correct Validity strategy it can exercise 
> full control over it.

So, stale entries are served until they can be regenerated?  I've looked 
for this in the past (someone called it the "I'm Sorry" pattern :) ) and 
at the time thought it might be better implemented by a pluggable 
strategy at the pipeline execution level.  Currently we have:

- Assemble Pipeline
- Gather key from Pipeline
- Check cache for key
- If object for key found, check its validity
- If valid, serve the cached response
- Else, execute pipeline and serve it.

the cache point pipeline, and the non-caching pipeline are other 
implementations of different strategies, but are accomplished by 
inheritance instead of composing a Strategy.  I haven't ever thought it 
through carefully but it seems like making those last 5 steps (as a 
group) a pluggable strategy would allow things like this "I'm Sorry" 
pattern, as well as more powerful concepts like Stefano's proposed 
adaptive cache.  Just raw thoughts at this point...

>> Bottom line for me at moment is: do you foresee a need to modify the 
>> eventcache API to accomodate this need?  I'm getting ready to start a 
>> discussion on changing the eventcache unstable status -- should I 
>> hold off?
> I don't think my current work will influence the eventcache API 
> directly. Although I am not sure if
> the eventcache stuff can be considered stable enough. I still have 
> some doubts about the ease of use of parts of it especially the way 
> events are associated with cached objects. But lets discuss that 
> separately.

Ah, good.  Ok, I'll pick up on another thread.


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