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From Unico Hommes <>
Subject Re: Event caching and CachedSource
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2004 13:08:52 GMT
Geoff Howard wrote:

> Unico Hommes wrote:
>> Hi gang :-)
>> A drawback I have been running into lately with eventcache mechanism 
>> is that it lacks the ability to remove heavy processing from the 
>> critical path. An event will simply remove a set of cached pipelines 
>> from the cache completely. Making the subsequent request for such a 
>> pipeline potentialy very slow. In applications where isolation is not 
>> a requirement this is an unnecessary drawback.
> Below sounds interesting and good but I haven't understood how event 
> cache is related.  AFAICS the only difference with eventcache and the 
> other validity types is that for the others an invalid response is 
> found in cache, but not used because it is found invalid after 
> retrieval, but the event cache removes the entry at invalidation time 
> since it knows it will never be useful.  Both cases mean that the next 
> person to request that resource will have to wait for the full 
> generation.  Maybe because I've only glanced at the refresher stuff?
I guess you are right that at the Cache level nothing really changes. I 
overlooked that fact. I will do some more research on what is required 
to accomplish that in the case of the Refresher, but my idea was that 
the cached response would be served until a newly generated one could 
replace the stale one. Since the Refresher talks to the Cache directly, 
given the correct Validity strategy it can exercise full control over it.

> Bottom line for me at moment is: do you foresee a need to modify the 
> eventcache API to accomodate this need?  I'm getting ready to start a 
> discussion on changing the eventcache unstable status -- should I hold 
> off?
I don't think my current work will influence the eventcache API 
directly. Although I am not sure if
the eventcache stuff can be considered stable enough. I still have some 
doubts about the ease of use of parts of it especially the way events 
are associated with cached objects. But lets discuss that separately.

>> I am looking at the excellent CachedSource stuff that is in the 
>> scratchpad area ATM and am wondering how it fits together with the 
>> eventcache stuff. One thing I am looking into right now is to write 
>> an EventAware Refresher implementation.
>> For those unfamiliar with CachedSource, it is a Source wrapper that 
>> can cache a its delegate. Refreshing can be done either synchronously 
>> or asynchronously but currently only based upon a specified time-out. 
>> What I'd like to do is generalize this a bit in order to add the 
>> ability to  externally trigger invalidation.
>> For this however I think a modification to the Refresher interface is 
>> needed.
> BTW, how does CachedSource accomplish something different from the 
> caching point pipeline (which seems to accomplish more, though I've 
> never used it).
I never used it either. So I really don't know. Perhaps someone else 
could comment on this?


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