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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Momento and Cocoon
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2004 22:47:45 GMT
On 01.03.2004 23:36, Alan wrote:

>>>>>I would guess that Momento mainly would be accessed through the document

>>>>>function in XSLT and XQuery. Saxon use JAXP 1.1 as external API to the

>>>>>transformerand the URLs in the document functions are resolved by using

>>>>>an implementation of javax.xml.transform.URIResolver that is provided
>>>>>the TraxTransformer.
>>>>The above is somewhat confusing for me. Momento does support the
>>>>   JAXP API. XUpdate is implemented as a SAX filter. It seems like
>>>>   Momento would work nicely in as a source, sink, or filter for
>>>>   SAX events.
>>>>   I've imagined that a pipeline would start with a Momento
>>>>   document and an XSLT trasform or XQuery query.
>>>>   Something along these lines:
>>>>       <map:match pattern="index.html">
>>>>         <map:generate type="momento" src=""
>>>>                                      xslt="index-document.xslt"/>
>>>>         <map:transform type="xslt" src="document-to-web.xslt"/>
>>>>         <map:serialize type="html"/>
>>>>       </map:match>
>>>>   (It is easier for me to express myself as a Cocoon user.)
>>>It was already mentioned and I only want to repeat it here: Momento 
>>>should not be implemented as generator, but as source. As Momento 
>>>returns also only XML just the file or xml generator should be needed. 
>>You miss the point. Saxon (and in time Xalan) operates directly on
>>    Momento. One uses XSLT or XQuery to build a document from a
>>    potentially HUGE Momento document. The XSLT and XQuery documents
>>    mean that Momento will not even touch parts of the document not
>>    pertiant to the query.
>>    I do not want to generate SAX events and have Cocoon build an in
>>    memory DOM, and then run an XSLT transform. It misses the point.
> s/You miss the/I've done poor job of explaining this/
>     Didn't sound the way I wanted it to...

No problem, I also can live with the original formulation :) The reason 
therefor is simply that I did not follow this thread very closely as I 
had to prepare for some exams.

Now, what exactly is Momento? I saw it only as something similar to a 
XML database with maybe some special features. When having XIndice in 
mind I don't like the idea of having an XSLT or XQuery processor 
operating directly on it (separation of concerns). But maybe here I miss 
indeed an important point though I see your point with huge document and 
memory DOM. You don't need to explain the whole thing again if it was 
already said, pointing to a link or a mail in the archives would be 
helpful though.



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