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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: [RT] Cocoon Input Model
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2004 15:09:10 GMT
Steven Noels wrote:

> On 25 Feb 2004, at 22:53, Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
>> CForms should use typed DOM as "form model"
>> -------------------------------------------
>> I also believe that making CForms use typed XML as data storage is 
>> important. This obviously require some changes, among other things the 
>> widget objects need to be split into a control part and a storage 
>> part, XML data types need support. I will return with a detailed 
>> proposal in the near future (hopefully ;)). I also hope to get some 
>> feedback from the people involved in CForms development.
> (some parts OT perhaps)
> We have quite good experiences exploiting XMLBeans for O/XML mappings in 
> the buildup of Daisy - our forthcoming CMS framework. XMLBeans requires 
> you to opt for XML Schemas, which provide (some halfway decently form 
> of) data typing, and adds a whole lot of flexibility when moving in 
> between objects and XML. Maybe we should also try to explore XMLBeans as 
> a part of this equation.

I took a look at XMLBeans and it seem to have some attractive 
properties, e.g. continuous validation - elments are validated as soon 
as they are inserted. In it current incarnation, it lacks IIUC a 
standardized interface however, which makes it hard to integrate in the 
framework. According to their todo list they plan to give the XMLBeans a 
DOM interface as well, and when that is added I think it can be really 
usefull for connecting the XML and the Java part of the application.

> Based on gut feeling (as always) however, I'm 
> pretty sure that the change in form model from a proper object hierarchy 
> towards a generic DOM model will need some strong convincing of the 
> Woody dev folks (not including myself into that group). While the idea 
> sounds nice, it might be overly generic. IIRC, I also heard Bruno 
> muttering about some possible upcoming refactorings w.r.t. caching and 
> dynamic form models.
> FWIW: Bruno is enjoying Italian snow ATM, and won't be back (and still 
> be very busy after that) until next week.
> </Steven>

Yes, It will be interesting to hear the CForms developers view on it.


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