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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Accepting new blocks
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2004 11:28:14 GMT
> Each block is more or a less a separate (sub) project. So there
> definitly needs to be a community around it before it should end
> up in our CVS. We failed at this point in the past. Take a
> look at some blocks we have, there are quiet a lot that don't
> have a community. So we should start considering this point
> with new contributions and I think Bertrands proposal is simple
> but good enough.

Hm.... I do see the problem that we get more and more unstable
blocks that might not have a community around them but...

...I guess that happens mainly because of two things

1) We more or less quietly dropped the scratchpad concept.
    Everyone prefers to create a block because it's more "pluggable".

    Maybe we should emphasize the scratchpad's existence a bit more
    again? ...or maybe have a block-scratchpad area instead of marking
    them unstable? ...maybe even on as suggested?
    ...or maybe leave it like it is.

2) The still lacking "real blocks" (tm).

    I guess with the current "blocks" it way harder to gather
    a community around them when they are hosted somewhere else.
    ...just because you cannot try them out so easily then.

So basically the easiest/best solution might be...

Leave everthing like it is.
Ask yourself twice if the block really makes a valuable addition.
Ask the community if the donation of the block is being supported.
Help to get real pluggable blocks working in 2.2 :)

My 2 cents

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