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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject [RT] Groovy in Cocoon?
Date Wed, 31 Mar 2004 05:40:52 GMT

Reading the I saw a blog from Sylvain about
Groovy was acepted in the JCP. The last days Groovy was often cited on the
list and I need to confes my total ignorance about Groovy. :-(

So I decide to put my nose inside and what I saw is really amazing!

After seeing this:

Since I cannot stop thinking in Cocoon, some interesting points comes to
my mind that would be great using Groovy in Cocoon:

1-Allowing write Groovy code inside Cocoon.
It would be fine. The entry barrier for new developers can be lowered. I
often found my self reading the same methods wrote in diferent forms
accross the blocks. Many parts of the actual code can be many times
shorter and clearer than it is today. Code can will be can be very
simplified with that. For example in CForms can benefit a lot using Groovy
instead of Java. Of course I don't mean a full "start from scratch", but I
thought about allowing writing new code in Groovy. In fact Groovy code
ends compiled in Java Bytecode. I know also there can be performance
concerns about this move and agree some test need to be done.

2-Groovy Flow Engine.
AFAIK, Groovy lacks of continuation support. This is the really main point
in a Flow Engine. But seeing that Groovy ends to Java bytecode, then maybe
the current new JavaFlow Block (thanks again to Stephen and Torsten) can
come to the rescue. I am seriously thinking in replace Java(Script) Flow
Engine with a Groovy Flow Engine. It will be a great move.

3-Eclipse || jEdit support?
It exists, not as we wish, but on development.

4-Bean support:
You need to see this:
I am also thinking in writing a Druid Bean generator for Groovy.

5-How it differ from Java?

6-What is the license?
AFAIK, we can use it:

7-More info?

Comments are welcome.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.

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