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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: Javaflow examples
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 21:38:04 GMT
Stephan Michels dijo:
> Am Mo, den 29.03.2004 schrieb Antonio Gallardo um 22:35:
>> Stephan Michels dijo:
>> > Ahh I forget to say that the examples depend on jdo.jar :-/ I wanted
>> to
>> > rewrite the example to use the OJB classes only, but didn't make it
>> > until now.
>> >
>> > The exception is somehow confusing, see
>> > "'org.apache.cocoon.ojb.jdo.components.JdoPMF' is referenced, but
>> cannot
>> > be loaded"
>> Is there a posibility to check if the jdo.jar's are avaliable? We do
>> this
>> in the build.xml of Cocoon. This is why if you don't have the jdo.jar
>> you
>> are able to build cocoon.
> The OJB folks use following snippet in their build file:
> <condition property="jdo.classes">
>   <and>
>     <available classname="javax.jdo.PersistenceManager"
> classpathref="compilation-classpath"/>
>   </and>
> </condition>
> <target name="check-jdo-classes" unless="jdo.classes">
>   <fail>jdo.jar is missing! Please get it from
> Put it in lib or have the ant property
> jdo.jars point at this jar file.</fail>
> </target>
> I rewrote the example now. I'm really not a OJB expert, nor a database
> expert.
> I made this example to learn more about OJB and JDO, and I didn't get the
> "insert" method work properly.

I am not a gump expert :-D

The following is to try to explain how it works, it is not an excuse in
any form:

The problem while inserting a row in the JDO sample is clear: How it would
insert if the called code is in a missing jdo.jar?

OJB has 3 APIS inside PB, ODMG and JDO. Currently, we can use any of them
to interact with DB inside Cocoon. If I turn off one of 3 in the
cocoon.xconf I cannot expect to be able to insert in a DB using the
missing API.

The OJB build system needs an explict special tag "with-jdori" to use the
JDO stuff.

The cocoon build system (CBS) allows succesful compile even if there is
not a jdo.jar at all without any special switch. The CBS "detect" the
presence of the jdo.jar. We also wrote mocks classes just in case there is
not a jdo.jar at all.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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