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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Store options
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2004 05:16:57 GMT
Hi Corin,

Le Mercredi, 10 mars 2004, à 03:41 Europe/Zurich, Corin Moss a écrit :

> ...Is there any way we can get the ASF to (perhaps) take JCS out of 
> Turbine and put it into an incubator of its own, or promote JCS as a 
> project as part of Cocoon or Avalon?

Another, probably easier option would be for interested/competent 
people (like you ;-) to join Turbine and help them improve JCS.

What would be good to have in Cocoon or Avalon would be a test suite 
for the Store component (unless there's one in Avalon already). This 
could then apply to any implementation, including custom ones based on 
external caching systems.

An idea that I've used for such stress tests is a program that creates 
many small Swing windows on a single screen, that each simulate a 
client in its own thread (Store client in this case, or rather HTTP/XML 
client to a pipeline which exercises Store functionality).

Using windows colors to communicate the health of each client gives a 
simple yet useful visual display of how the system behaves under load, 
for a stress test that you can run on one or several client hosts to 
create really big loads if needed. A client window stops its 
(semi-random) cycle on any error and turns red, so you can leave this 
running and see how many clients are still alive after some time.

I could post example code if needed (but not before Friday probably), 
but it's nothing complicated, just basic Swing stuff, being careful to 
use SwingUtilities.invokeLater() to avoid threading problems.

Note that JMeter ( can also be used 
for such tests.

> ...I really think that there is some great work done there, in danger 
> of getting lost.  It is certainly a better approach (IMHO) than 
> starting off developing another caching / store system...

Agreed - if there's something which seems good but has a few quirks, 
improving it sounds better than reinventing the wheel.


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