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From Alan <>
Subject Re: Momento and Cocoon
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2004 14:31:02 GMT
* Stefano Mazzocchi <> [2004-03-02 14:04]:
> Alan wrote:
> >* Stefano Mazzocchi <> [2004-03-02 06:07]:
> >>I need a fast and scalable xquery-capable semi-structured content 
> >>repository.
> >>
> >>Can momento provide me that?
> >
> >
> >    It could. If I were to release it open source. That's the point.
> >    That's why I'm engaging people on this list.
> >
> It could seems like a pretty big overestimation without reasonable 
> technological backup.

> At least three research groups spent 10 years and millions of dollars 
> trying to build an equivalent system. One of them died (Lore) [but the 
> source code disappeared so I suspect some big DBMS vendor bought the 
> thing], the other went commercial [Xyleme], the other is still 
> researching [the people at Bell Labs]

What about Berkeley XML-DB? It seems to be a popular open source
    database. There is also dbXML, which is now GPL. What about

    I'm not sure what you are expecting. Momento is XQuery capable
    and the content is semi-structured. That took a couple months,
    but nothing like a million dollars.
    Fast and scalable? Sure. Why not? If there was a design flaw
    that would prevent concurrent queries or updates, I'm sure it
    would have surfaced by now.

> Don't get me wrong: I know the power of open source and I know that you 
> need to start somewhere, that's why I'm asking.

Yes. You need to start somewhere. 

    I'm starting out with the organization of the document into
    clusters based on application requirements.

    Michael Kay and I are discussing how to add a simple identity
    key for use with the id attribute and the key element in XSLT.

    I'm not going to start with benchmark peformance tests.

> What I don't understand is how you can use Saxon as a fast and scalable 
> database since it wasn't designed to do so.

I am using Saxon as a query engine. Momento is a document object model.

    Again, I'm not sure what you are expecting. I'm trying not to
    get you wrong.

Alan / /
    aim/yim: alanengrm - icq: 228631855 - msn:

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