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From Alan <>
Subject Re: [RT] Cocoon Input Model
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2004 16:39:30 GMT
* Hunsberger, Peter <> [2004-03-01 16:17]:
> Steve Krulewitz <> writes:
> 1) in the flowscript the varible "output" has the complete contents of
> this pipeline in it, it can be folded back into any handling you want
> via flowscript variable passing (eg, as an XSLT parameter containing a
> nodeset).
> 2) if you don't want to use a parameter you can also pick the contents
> of this pipeline back up via xmodule input/output handling which is what
> we do (the xmodule destination above). BTW, I keep meaning to thank
> Daniel for this: thanks Daniel! 
> So, bottom line, I don't think Cocoon needs any new sitemap constructs
> to do what is being discussed, unless what is needed is a way to do this
> without flow?  However, trying to do this without flow seems to me to
> mean going back to regular actions, so I can't see any real reason to do
> this...

I think what is needed is a way to do the following without flow.

    deserialize -> validate -> store -> generate -> serialize

    The thread started with the notion that input would become XML,
    not JavaScript structures.

I'm not sure what regular actions were. A bad thing I suppose.
    Perhaps because they were catch all constucts?
    I think there is a common idiom that can be expressed as XML.
    The sitemap becomes far too difficult to read if the
    relationships between pipelines are absent from the sitemap.

Alan / /
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