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From Alan <>
Subject Re: [RT] Cocoon Input Model
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2004 15:49:22 GMT
* Ralph Goers <> [2004-02-25 18:18]:
> Just trying to understand from a practical point of view, does this 
> mean something like
> <map:generate type="request"/>
> <map:transform src="prepare-query-for-user-preferences"/>
> <map:transform type="sql"/>
> <map:call function="myFlow()" dom-input="domIn"/>
> At which point myFlow() is called with a "domIn" variable containing 
> the current pipeline XML as a DOM?
> And maybe the opposite:
> <map:call function="myFlow()" dom-output="domOut"/>
> meaning that myFlow() is expected to write a DOM structure to domOut 
> for insertion in the pipeline?

> It may not matter much, but I'd prefer to see examples of this without flow.
> With flow you could just degenerate into a map:call for input and a map:call
> for output, or perhaps a map:call that does both?

I agree.

    I'd like to see examples where pipelines are express without
    flowscript first. Cocoon output pipelines are easy to learn and
    understand because they are all right there before you.
    Flowscript hides logic outside of the sitemap. I'd really like
    to see how far you can go before you break down and start
    writing JavaScript snippits. If you start with flowscript it
    seems like you just end up talking about JavaScript programming,
    which frankly, does not interest me.

Alan / /
    aim/yim: alanengrm - icq: 228631855 - msn:

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