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From "Hunsberger, Peter" <>
Subject RE: Experience with workflow at Hippo Webworks
Date Tue, 09 Mar 2004 20:33:31 GMT
Guido Casper <> writes:

> Hunsberger, Peter wrote:
> > A good implementation of work flow handling for Cocoon could be the 
> > most important piece of missing capability that can be 
> added.  For the 
> > most part good work flow engines are expensive proprietary 
> pieces of 
> > software.  If a generalized, open source, document handling 
> framework 
> > included a 90% solution for work flow it could truly revolutionize 
> > many, many portions of the IT industry.  This isn't 
> something that you 
> > just want to slap together.
> My personal opinion of it is this (and the precondition of 
> the following 
> is my assumption that Cocoon has no mechanism already in place that 
> would make up the perfect workflow engine):
> There are a bunch of specialized open source workflow engines 
> available. 
> See the list Johan posted earlier: 
>> page=Workflow
> If you need 
> a fully featured workflow engine 
> try to integrate one of 
> those. Some of them are specializing in building GUIs. I see 
> more value 
> in doing so instead of inventing another one.

Fair enough, and I think perhaps that is the way to go.  However, on the
Cocoon side it's not the GUI I'm worried about, it's the underlying
engine.   There may still be value in one of the other projects, but I'm
personally after very tight integration with Cocoon flow...  We're still
a couple of months from launching into our work flow project in a formal
sense, but I'll try and fit in time to have a look at some of the
options if I can before that (don't know if it will be in any time to
help with this discussion).

> What I want (again just my personal opinion) is one readily available 
> that I can "just use" within Cocoon in a simple way. And I believe we 
> can put both of these behind the same interface.
> That being said I am interested in your opinion what a good 
> implementation might look like (and what all these other 
> implementations 
> are lacking). I'm not interested in competing with all the other 
> projects (being more specialized in the topic) over the best workflow 
> engine available.

Agreed, given that, a big requirement would probably be something that
plays well with an Apache license (like another Apache licensed
project?).  Also, the project should be open to implementing Cocoon
specific requirements if needed...

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