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From Stephan Michels <>
Subject Re: java continuations
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 17:14:28 GMT
Am Mo, den 29.03.2004 schrieb Sylvain Wallez um 19:05:
> jflow isn't good as it doesn't allow the distinction between JS and Java.

Okay, seems that we agree on "javaflow".

> Now what should go in that block: the _flow_ implementations, or the 
> class enhancer? I would stay that only the flow implementation has its 
> place inside Cocoon's CVS. But finding a more suitable place for the 
> enhancer (BCEL, jakarta-commons, codehaus?) may take some time, and we 
> may temporarily host in in the javaflow block.

Yes, we have already talked with james strachan. And he seems to be
interested too. But for the first time I would start within Cocoon.

> Now about whether Cocoon should have two flow implementations, I think 
> that this is a very special case where it makes sense, as it touches the 
> programming language area, where Cocoon brings nothing new to the 
> picture (except of course continuations), and therefore has to consider 
> people's habits. Convincing people that flow is a good thing is rather 
> easy (considering the number of Wows!), but selling a particular 
> programming language (as opposed to some XML dialect) is sometimes 
> difficult. Some people will love JS and be frightened by Java, and some 
> others won't consider writing code using a language other than Java.
> That's why I think both implementations have their place in Cocoon.
> Ah, and would it be possible to use the class enhancer to enable 
> continuations in a compiled (as in ".class") JS script? This may help us 
> solving the current Rhino issues.

I think all java classes are capsulated in wrapper classes, and if these
classes suppport the continuation, then it should work.

Okay, then I start to commit the block.


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