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From David Crossley <>
Subject strangeness with transient store
Date Thu, 25 Mar 2004 07:30:02 GMT
Would someone please tell me that i am not going crazy.

I have a remote server running today's 2.1.5-dev with a full Jetty
and am trying to do some basic Cocoon cache testing.

Using a little shell script, i am doing some requests using wget
to go direct to Cocoon (no webserver in front) using full URLs.

On the server machine i have 'tail -f WEB-INF/logs/access.log'
to see the INFO requests with the access times.

When i run the request script orginating from the server i get
what i expect. The first batch of requests takes a bit of time.
Using the samples/status.html i can see the cache fill up.
Subsequent batches of requests obviously use the Cocoon cache,
because the access times are now in milliseconds.

However, when i run the script originating from my local workstation
(i.e. across the public net), i see no cache improvement in the logs.

Why would there be any difference for Cocoon, with me using local and
remote requests?


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