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From David Crossley <>
Subject RE: documentation about performance and efficiency and caching
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2004 11:46:06 GMT
Corin Moss wrote:
> I've just been through a several week excercise tuning
> a fairly complex Cocoon implementation (for use by '000's
> of concurrent users) I've picked up quite a lot of useful
> snippets of info as I've delved into lots of different
> areas of the code. I'd be happy to share these, if you'd
> like to outline the steps you've taken, I'll reply with
> other suggestions from my experience. I'm sure others will
> do the same.

I am going through the cocoon.xconf and making sure that the
parameters and their descriptions do represent what is indicated
in the code. I am also fine-tuning the core Cocoon documentation,
starting with the concepts/mrustore.html, persistence.html, 
caching.html, and storejanitor.html, and performancetips.html
And i am cleaning the fluff from the Wiki page CocoonPerformance.

If you have any patches for those core xdocs or for javadoc in
the code, then please send them via Bugzilla and i will integrate.

If you cannot manage that, then perhaps just dump your collection
of notes as a Wiki page ...{{{ list of dot points }}} ... and we
can glean stuff.

Also i am considering adding a couple of docs to describe both
small and large scale performance tuning scenarios.


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