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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: variable substitution in @type attributes
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 14:50:39 GMT
Vadim, that post is from 2001.

The arguments are:
- it affects the cache ->is this still relevant for the rewritten cache 
mechanism in 2.1+ ?
- Flexibility syndrome ->point taken
- It's a reactor pattern forcing distribution of control and increasing 
the number of contracts between the different contexts. ->not sure what 
is meant there. Does he mean that selecting a component during pipeline 
setup would not be the sole decision of the sitemap anymore? Which 
contexts are meant here?

I can understand the pipeline overhead in looking through the list of 
all components everytime for one that matches the parameter, but this 
could be documented and left to the user to decide what he prefers most.

Please note that I am not trying to advocate this change, just looking 
to up my knowledge on cocoon another nudge.


Vadim Gritsenko wrote:

> Jorg Heymans wrote:
>> Carrying the discussion over from users@
>> Why is variable substituion not allowed in @type attributes ?
> Archives have it.
> Vadim

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