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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: 'Invisible' transformer exception
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2004 11:14:35 GMT
Lars Rottmann wrote: 
> Hello,
> I'm sorry to come up again with an error message, but I just 
> encountered this problem:
> We work heavily with XSL templates in our stylesheets, and it 
> happened that I forgot to define one template. So the 
> transformer now tried to call this non-defined template, but 
> of course failed.
> Instead of Cocoon presenting me an standard error page I just 
> got nothing, only an empty page. And the log files did not 
> report anything either. 
> When I switched Cocoon to debug mode, the cocoon-core.log 
> showed the below attached exception. Is it possible to turn 
> this debug message into an real error message that is always 
> printed to the logs?
Hmm, this seems to be caused by using a different (newer) Xalan
version. Our code or more precisly the code in excalibur xmlutil
has not changed:

        catch( SAXException e )
            if( e.getException() == null )
                final String message = "Error in running Transformation";
                throw new XSLTProcessorException( message, e );
                final String message = "Got SAXException. Rethrowing cause
                getLogger().debug( message, e );
                throw new XSLTProcessorException( "Error in running
Transformation", e.getException() );

So, this code assumes that the wrapped sax exception contains the real
code and not the wrapper exception. And only in debug mode the real
exception is logged.
I will disable this unwrapping, which causes longer stack traces but
should include the real error message again.

There will soon be a release of the xmlutil package, so when that is
available we will update.


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