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From "Steve Schwarz" <>
Subject Re: FOP with embeded SVG doesn't render at correct size in Cocoon
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 16:19:21 GMT
>>I've got a weird problem generating pdfs using FOP from xml containing 
>>SVG; but only when processed through Cocoon (2.1.2). Generation directly 
>>with FOP is problem free.
>Same FOP version? Do you imply other Cocoon versions are working?
Nope, I'm implying FOP standalone with the same FOP version as Cocoon uses 
works correctly :^)
It looks like when invoked through Cocoon FOP is still reserving the right 
amount of space (based on the svg with/height attributes) but then when 
Batik is invoked it is rendering the image at the incorrect scale(my 

I tried dropping in the fop and batik jar files from Cocoon 2.1.4 and Cocoon 
still doesn't render the embedded SVG at large viewBox values correctly.

Can anyone tell me how the Cocoon fop and batik jar files are generated and 
how that is different from the jars supplied with FOP?

Thanks for the reply!

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