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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] Cocoon Input Model
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 16:30:17 GMT
After a long silence, Daniel fights back :-)

On Feb 25, 2004, at 10:49, Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:

[snip very good summary]

> To sumarize: I think that we could make Cocoon considerably easier to 
> use for (web)apps and increase reuse of components by using the 
> XML-adaptor and pipes and filter pattern for input as well.

There is, admittedly, a perception that cocoon is still somewhat 
unbalanced between input and output. CForms and flowscript show nice 
ways (easier than many other web technologies!) to deal with data 
round-tripping, but Daniel believes that we should do more, balancing 
the entire architecture so that what we can do with output, we can do 
with input.

Now, I agree.

I've been opposing the use of a common input adaptation stage because I 
thought it was bad from a performance perspective, but, I now believe 
that it's a very stupid point: early optimization is the root of all 
evil, especially in architectural design.

[doesn't mean that you don't think about performance when you 
architect, but there are many levels of design]

So, I'm happily removing the roadblock because I think we are reaching 
a point where this unbalance is hurting us (and potentially limiting 
the use of input to go thru cforms, which might be too much)

[can we stop using the term 'woody' at least in RTs? this makes things 
easier for people reading archives a few years from now]

Ok, Daniel, the ball is in your court: tell us explicitly what you 
would propose we change in the sitemap/FOM/cforms, if anything.


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