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Subject RE: [OT] Re: [IMP] Code Freeze (was: End of code freeze)
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 21:57:48 GMT
> > By the way, in our part of the world, this is called "Simon 
> > says".  No 
> > idea who "Simon" is.
> > 
> And the dutch would say about that "Joost mag het weten" ("Only Joost
> knows" or more freely "God only knows", not implying Joost is God of
> course, any Joost that is) Joost is just somebody's first name, nobody
> knows who exactly. Kinda like Simon or God really. Uhm, 
> perhaps I should
> shut up now ;-)

If I'm right we Dutch would call the game "alle vogels vliegen" (all birds
fly and then start replacing the animal and the behaviour). Ok, it's late
here too and I finally made a teeny weeny bit of progression after a week of

Bye, Helma

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