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From 黄 海冬 <>
Subject what is the woody form binding encoding? sorry for last mail using html format
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2004 02:13:03 GMT
I saw the woody's binding samples and use dom to save form data.I modified 
js like: 
if (isbind=="true") { 
     document = loadDocument(documentURI); 
     // bind the document data to the form 
    // shows the form to the user until is validated successfully 
if (form.binding != null){ 
    // bind the form's data back to the document; 
Object document is a dom object then. 
I use a pipeline to display the result: 
Everything goes fine until I enter Simplyfied Chinese in the form,the xml 
result apear wrong encoding character: 
  <b>ä¸?amp;shy;æC&#8225;</b> <--error here 
the form encoding is unicode. 
If I use action to get the value from the context using JXPathContext is 
the same result? 
It must be woody form binding encoding problem. 
What can I do to solve the problem? 

roy huang or

ĵʼϵͳ MSN Hotmail  

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