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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: [Avalon][PMC:VOTE/Release] Check 'em out!
Date Sun, 29 Feb 2004 05:32:06 GMT
Couple of nitpicks:

     doesn't actually contain the sources...

     still contains some test-cases

     JavaDoc complains and generates 2 errors
     "Body tag missing from HTML"

On a "related" item... Can the excalibur-instrument-manager-1.0.jar 
split up in two? It contains references to the AltRMI project, which is 
in incubation, without any release, and so on and so forth...

I'm trying to do a "clean build" from all released sources, and for the 
"Avalon/Fortress/Excalibur" core that's the only thing I require but 
that doesn't have a release...

I know it's stupid, and that it's not even used, but that's the only 
thing that somehow sneaks in and makes us depend on "something" which 
doesn't have a release (if you wanted to build world from sources)

By the way, if someone wants to take a look at the javadoc for 
Avalon/Fortress/Excalibur and related friends, here are all 45 

And I'm starting to get scared as this is bigger than J2EE :-)


On 27 Feb 2004, at 11:19, Leo Sutic wrote:

> ==================
> The jars are in:
> Check 'em out and vote for release:
>   +1 from me.
> I'd like to have this vote done by the end of today, since
> that means I can release them without having to worry about
> the license change.
> =================
> The jars are in:
> Check 'em out and let me know if there are any
> immediate issues.
> /LS

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