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From Faron Dutton <>
Subject custom protocol issue
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 22:05:43 GMT
Hi all,

I have implemented a custom SourceFactory and Source for handling encrypted
resources. The EncryptedSourceFactory replaces
o.a.e.s.i.ResourceSourceFactory and creates EncryptedSource objects. The
EncryptedSource object looks for a special marker at the head of the input
stream. If this marker is present then it returns a
javax.crypto.CipherInputStream otherwise it returns the underlying
InputStream. I have bench-marked the throughput and it averages about 40msec
per file on my box.

Life would be grand if the story ended there, however it doesn't. Even
though the decryption time is only 40msec, it takes around 20sec to
completely process the page. If I use unencrypted pages the total time is
only about 250msec.

I have inserted tcpmon (from the Axis project) between the browser and the
server and it appears that the output stream is not finished even though I
can see that the response is complete (I see a closing root tag). After the
20sec are up, the stream closes and the browser requests the next item. All
of these add up to several minutes before the page is displayed.

Does anyone have a clue what might be happening. I have been working on this
all day and I at a loss as to what my next step might be.

Thanks in advance,

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