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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject [FORMS]
Date Sat, 28 Feb 2004 14:22:51 GMT
Hi all,

I'm working on bidirectional AggregateField - meaning, it will allow to 
have one value in a backend model, splitted to the several on the form, 
or vice versa. This field is needed in many common scenarios such as 
telephone entry fields represented as [   ] - [   ] - [    ] x [    ] on 
the form, and should obviously go into one database field as 
999-999-9999x9999; or date entry fileds, where day / month / year are 
select boxes, and in the back end it is one value.

I do not have examples for the other direction, but because it was 
already supported by AggregateField, I'll leave this functionality in.



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